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Our company produces and sells laundry supplies such as detergent ( powder and liquid) , softener, perfume, plastic, hanger, emulsifier and bleaching liquid.
In addition, we also produce household cleaning materials such as dishwashing liquid, hand soap, floor cleaner, liquid body foam, shampoo and automotive cleaning products ( car shampoo and tire polish) .

The color and fragrance of each product can be adjusted to your wish for a certain minimum quantity order.

Seroja Fresh is based in Denpasar, Bali, which is well-known for its tourism. We are able to supply hotel, villa and restaurants. Free delivery service is available in Denpasar and Jembrana / Negara, where we also have a supporting branch.
Delivery to any Indonesian city is possible, subject to packaging and shipping charge. You may choose any courier company or we can recommend cost-effective courier for you.

As we are a home industry manufacturer, we guarantee that our products are cheaper than any commercially established products in the market. All of our products are tested for its quality.
car shampoo and tire cleaner.

The smell and color of our self products can be made by order by any certain of amounts.

Seroja Fresh is based in Denpasar city on Bali island which is very famous in touristic world. We are able to supply hotels, villas, restaurant with our products.
Besides Denpasar we have also reseller in Jembrana / Negara, which allow free delivery inside this area.

We also can deliver our products to every city in Indonesia but the price not yet included the packaging and shipping fee.
The expedition can be chosen by the buyer or we can help to find the most profitable expedition here in Denpasar.
Delivery inside Denpasar and Jembrana area is free, delivery to another city in Bali also possible using our company car but by a little transportation cost and by certain amounts.

Because our products are home industry based, we can guarantee the low price compared to all the commercial products in the market.
All of our products are tested and the quality can be guaranteed.

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