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Bahan Pendukung Laundry
Bahan Pendukung Laundry

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Plastik laundry
Plastik laundry

Price: Rp 12.000/pak

plastic packaging for laundry ( 100pcs)

plastik 5kg 02x30x45 Rp13.000
plastik 7kg 02x35x50 Rp17.000
plastik 10kg 02x40x60 Rp21.000
plastik 12kg 02x45x65 Rp27.000

Dicari agen bahan laundry seluruh Bali
Dicari agen bahan....

Good opportunity offered : reseller laundry, household care, automotive care materials, produced by Seroja Fresh in any Bali areas such as Denpasar, Tabanan, Gianyar, Negara, Ubud....

Custom Products
Custom Products

Price: sesuai permintaan

We accepts custom products for laundry chemicals and cleaning soaps, according to your budget and requests for resellers. Very suitable for businessman who wants quick step in....

Hanger kawat laundry
Hanger kawat laundry

Price: mulai 700 per buah

We sell wire hanger for laundry. Cheap, very light but stronger than plastic hanger.

We have 2 kinds of wire hanger: one with galvanic finishing and one with plastik cover....

Plastik packing laundry
Plastik packing....

Price: Variasi

We sell packaging plastics for laundry in various size.

( all contain 100 pieces)

custom based:
02x35 isi 100....

Sprayer untuk parfum laundry
Sprayer untuk parfum....

Price: Variasi

We sell various sprayer for laundry perfume.

Sizes :
25 mL ( for perfume sample)
180 mL
500 mL
1000 mL
head jet

Peluang Bisnis Kerjasama Bahan Laundry seluruh Indonesia
Peluang Bisnis....

Price: Variasi

Business opportunity : cooperation laundry chemical shop all around Indonesia.

To save shipping cost, we can sell liquid products formula, special for partners outside Java and....

Tagging Gun,  Tag Pin,  Jarum,  Pita kasa
Tagging Gun, Tag Pin....

Price: variasi

We sell tagging gun for laundry equipments.

Also with tag pin, needles and accesories.

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